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Goods made from sheep's milk

Why sheep's milk, we tell you everything:

Millennia ago in ancient Egypt, milk was used for its many virtues for the skin.

Cleopatra, Empress Sissi loved her baths with sheep's milk, donkey, goat ... to take care of their skin and for good reason, sheep's milk contains a multitude of benefits, purifying, soothing, regulating, anti-aging, antioxidant , all-around cleanser and moisturizer!

It has the power to purify the skin in depth thanks to its composition of vitamins, pantothenic acid and zinc, helps to illuminate the skin, more radiance thanks to lactic acid, so it can be the remedy against pigment spots .

It purifies and regulates sebum while respecting the pH of the skin, perfect for fragile skin with a tendency to dryness.

With its particularity of being a very fatty milk, it allows to deposit a protective and moisturizing veil which is perfectly suitable for infants who do not produce enough sebum.

An anti-aging ladies! It helps prevent the first fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity thanks to the antioxidants it contains vitamin C and E.

The lactoferrin contained in milk can have anti-inflammatory properties and act on redness, acne, Psoriasis, Eczema.

In conclusion, sheep's milk soap will be your new daily allies thanks to its moisturizing, regulating, restorative and gentle exfoliating action.

100% natural product so why deprive yourself of it...
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